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Idaho Forest Group's Bold Investment

8/28/2013 IFG LaClede GradeScan

Idaho Forest Group started with a planer mill in Lewiston, Idaho, that featured two planer lines, each feeding it's own trimmer/sorter line. They boldly eliminated one planer in favor of feeding both sorters from one planer. Another bold decision that Idaho Forest Group made was to step up their partially-automated grading using a geometric-only system to full grading using Lucidyne's GradeScan. And that means that they have to rely on GradeScan to grade Cedar- which is a first for IFG and the industry!

Idaho Forest Group relies on GradeScan to process a large cross-section of appearance grades plus Dimension grades. IFG faces a challenge of tracking cut-in-two boards since they are sent to seperate sorters. Included in the purchase to solve this challenge are 2 of Lucidyne's patented True-Q - no ink or spray is needed to mark the boards since the system uses the "fingerprint" of each board for identification. Their Lewiston GradeScan installation was completed in August 2013 and a second scanner was installed in October at IFG's LaClede, Idaho, mill. Keep posted for more on Lucidyne's challenges and successes!

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