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Lampe & Malphrus invests in Lucidyne GradeScan

8/16/2013 Lampe&Malphrus

The Lampe & Malphrus Lumber Company held off when it came to automated grading and chose not to install a scanning system when first available. They now believe that investing in automated grading technology is valuable and purchased a Lucidyne GradeScan for their mill in Smithfield, North Carolina. Their scanner is scheduled to install in late January 2014. Lucidyne's GradeScan is expected to improve their grade-out making it easier for them to follow fluctations in the market. 

Their mill layout calls for the GradeScan to be installed in one building right after the planer, then the scanned boards will cross over to a second building where the trimmer and sorter reside. Included in the purchase is also Lucidyne's patented True-Q lumber tracking technology to identify boards in case boards get out of order or mixed up. No ink or paint is required. Keep posted for more on Lampe & Malphrus's GradeScan installation!

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