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1/1/0001 Lumber Pile

Lucidyne News Update

Lucidyne’s GradeScan sales are off to a strong start in 2014, including a system to be installed at TimberLink Australia in the coming months.

   Lucidyne has expanded R&D and our two new sensors, the T3 and Grain Angle, are running in production now at several locations. These sensors provide our valued customers with ample new data and thus improving detection and optimization. These new developments along with software upgrades are allowing our customers to further improve their bottom line by increasing both productivity and profitability.

Under the direction of Ofer Heyman, Lucidyne’s sales force is expanding and increasing its capacity to respond to and serve our customers’ needs. This growth allows us to establish and maintain the customer relationships that are so important to us all as Lucidyne’s market share expands.

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