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Sierra Pacific Buys Two New GradeScans!

11/18/2011 Burney, CA

Sierra Pacific Installations

Aberdeen, WA
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Burlington, WA
Burney, CA
Lincoln, CA
Quincy, CA 
Sonora, CA 

GradeScan represents a quantum leap beyond simple geometric profile scanning. GradeScan features fully-integrated color, trachied, geometric, and density sensors and is capable of operating at lineal speeds above 3000 feet/minute. SPI mills have found that the system provides consistent grade optimization and improved trim decisions. Besides the obvious advantage of adding the biological aspect to lumber grading, GradeScan also deals with eased edges, gang saw mis-match, smooth bark, tear-outs, mechanical gouges, and light planer skip much more accurately than a geometric scanner alone.

The scanner installs directly behind a planer, with a footprint as small as 24 lineal inches! Warp information is collected downstream from the scanner where boards are relaxed. GradeScan determines trim and grade according to physical and appearance grade rules (including knot displacement). Other than a few defects such as Timber Break and some uncommon decays, GradeScan takes over ALL the tasks typically performed by a human grader. The final production operation leaves one check grader in place to watch for material handling problems and provide limiting grade and/or trim marks for the occasional defects not covered by the scanner. The Lucidyne Grade Mark Reader provides an opportunity to incorporate a manual input into the optimizing solution as well as capturing special symbols to assist with quality control sampling.

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