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1/18/2011 Example Story Image-Saw

The American Lumber Standards Committee (ALSC) has certified a new technology platform for strength grading. The method utilizes a “Strength Grading Module” developed by Lucidyne and installed in a GradeScan® automated lumber grading system. The system is certified to grade MSR and MEL grades using only the scanner itself, or in combination with other external equipment. This non-contact technique takes advantage of GradeScan®’s unique sensor configuration and resolution to identify high-strength candidates. The same technologies consider defect and other fiber characteristics to generate accurate visual grading solutions. A recent doubling of the scanner’s resolution now makes it possible to find timber break and other tiny defects. The first application of this technology will be in Weyerhaeuser’s Plymouth, NC, mill. The second will be at Westervelt Company’s Moundville, AL site. The technology will soon be tested at a Weyerhaeuser mill in Alberta, Canada. Successful testing will be followed by application for certification in Canada. GradeScan®can also be used with existing strength grading systems to provide significant value uplift through an integration of visual and strength grading technologies.

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