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Control Systems

Our focus is the wood products industry, specifically to provide control systems that support our scanning systems and GMRs. We sell and maintain sorter controls for both hardwood and softwood mills.

Lucidyne's engineers are experts at designing custom systems with off-the-shelf equipment that is easily maintained by your staff. We are proficient with an impressive array of hardware, including:

  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Machine Vision Equipment, incuding:
    • CCD cameras
    • Lasers
    • Lighting
    • Bar Codes
  • Linear Positioners and AC/DC drives
  • SCADA Systems
  • Personal Computers, VME and STD Platforms
  • Hardware and software based artificial intelligence solutions

Chad Engineer Support

All of our installations include adequate time to train your personnel in the maintenance and operation of the equipment to minimize downtime and costly service calls.

Lucidyne has installed over 134 Trimmer/Sorter systems for milling applications. Our scanner products have recently provided so much work for us in this area, that we are now applying our resources to these and other related systems to support our scanner installations.  

Although we are very familiar with several industries, our expertise in the wood products world has included an assortment of successful projects…

  • Flying Edger Scanning/Controls
  • Log Merchandisers
  • Overhead Carriage Headrigs
  • Planer Mill Controls
  • Veneer Digital Grading Scanners
  • Flying Cut-off for Lam Beams
  • X-ray Billet Scanning
  • Chip-n-Saws & Sharp Chains
  • Etc.

So we know how to handle wood.  We understand and work with the latest control tools.  Our customization of control systems to suit each plant is unique to our industry.  And our control staff is comprised of Electrical Engineers to make sure we always bring our "A" game to your mill.

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