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Our automated lumber scanner is designed to be installed directly behind your planer and can take up as little as 24 inches.

Here is what you can get from Lucidyne. 

Six sensor technologies are available in our lineal scanner:

Highest sensor resolution available anywhere

  • Significantly better resolution than any other scanner
  • +/- 5 thousandths geometry per face

Proactive maintenance

  • Remote checkups
  • Site visits every 6 months
  • Continual software upgrades
  • Access to our senior engineering staff
  • 24/7 Emergency service

True-Q® board tracking

  • Uses the fingerprint of the board
  • Better than twice the accuracy of marking systems
  • No ink or paint needed
  • Capable of supporting Deep-Pile situations

Flexible Architecture

  • Supports the addition of many other sensor types - acoustic, weight, moisture, strength, etc.

GradeScan's Configuration Allows:

  • An easy upgrade path when better sensors or even completely different sensors are available. Your scanner will never be obsolete. 

Automated Calibration

  • Temperature-controlled and pressurized scanner does not require daily or seasonal calibration

Lucidyne's Planer Merchandiser

  • Allows the mill to control the appearance of its packages, fill orders, reduce partial packages, and manage material flow

Built-in QA

  • Quality reports show you the reasons for down-grades and trims.  Send boards to your QA station trimmed or untrimmed. Identify limiting defects.  
  • 50,000 boards - complete board data available for an entire shift, including scan data as well as optimization information
  • System processing history available for forensic troubleshooting

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