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Collum's Lumber Purchases Lucidyne GradeScan

Collum's Lumber purchases Lucidyne GradeScan!

Collums Lumber

Collum’s installed a GradeScan system just outside the planer room wall on the planer outfeed belt and also had Lucidyne take over their planer mill control system, from breakdown to sorter bins.  What they have found since the system started up is that their new GradeScan has the capability to see what is needed to do the job; and it comes with all the “knobs” the mill needs to control all its SYP products.  From day one, the mill has had no below-grade problems and has seen consistency in their Commons and Dimension products.  Collum’s now looks forward to their agency inspector’s visits to help them continue to “dial in” the system because it has the power to separately control the above- and below-grade allowances – and keep them stable.  

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