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Biological Feature Detection

GradeScan uses data from up to six different sensors to find 
knot heads on all four sides of the board. 

The image below is a portion of a 2 x 10 White 
Fir board. The purple boxes show the knot heads 
found by GradeScan on the top surface. 

GradeScan Knot

Below is a magnified section of the same board. The 
small magenta box in the middle of the face toward 
the left edge is actually a pitch pocket. GradeScan
was not fooled by the pocket's knot-like color.

GradeScan Knot2

Even the small pin knot on the very edge of the board 
is boxed correctly.

GradeScan's optimizer gathers the data from all sides into a three-dimensional object and calculates the exact knot displacement. 


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