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Smooth Bark and Saddle Wane

Smooth Bark

Bark can sometimes be planed smooth. When a board measures full thickness at the smooth bark location but the grading inspector calls it wane --  GradeScan must also. The White Fir board image below shows what happens when the board is inspected by a geometric-only scanner. The green lines separate the board in regions of full thickness and less than full thickness. The geometric-only scanner does not provide a complete wane solution. 

GradeScan Smooth Bark

The image below shows the results of GradeScan's Smooth Bark Finder. Additional defect boxes are placed over the regions of smooth bark. GradeScan's multiple sensors are able to combine the geometric profile with the surface texture and color to classify bark areas correctly.

GradeScan Smooth Bark Finder

 The result is that GradeScan finds the smooth bark and includes it as wane as required.


Saddle Wane

Saddle wane is wane that is almost full thickness but because one face of the board was so close to the outside of the tree, that face has a slight curvature. Geometric confusion happens as the missing wood approaches skip distance. Is it wane, or is it skip?
GradeScan Saddle Wane
Lucidyne's Saddle Wane Finder places boxes around the saddle wane to eliminate doubt.  With the saddle wane now identified, the board can be graded correctly.
GradeScan Saddle Wane Finder

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