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Wane and Skip


GradeScan computes equivalent wane or, at your choice, absolute wane for your appearance grades. Wane dip rules are enforced at Grade Book levels (including surfacing-out conventions) or you can decide to make your rules more stringent for premium grades. GradeScan will find and correctly evaluate steep wane, shallow wane, saddle wane and smooth bark. 


Technically both wane and skip are "missing wood" but grading inspectors evaluate them differently. GradeScan's geometric algorithms identify them seperately so that skip and wane can have independent rules. Skip is classified as light, medium and heavy according to its depth. GradeScan's high resolution geometric capability also allows detection of very light skip which is less than 20 thousandths of an inch deep.

This image shows the geometric wane contour in green. Notice the skip in the center of the board. 


 GradeScan Skip


This second image shows what it looks like when Lucidyne's Skip Finder puts white boxes over the skip areas.  This allows the area with skip to be treated however the mill would like.  Having three levels of skip provides lots of grading flexibility.


GradeScan Skip Finder

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