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Are replacement parts expensive – what can we expect?

GradeScan comes with a full compliment of spares.  The most expensive consumable parts are the lasers.  The scanner lasers need retrofitting after two or three years of use since the diodes wear out.  They are refurbished at the factory for a typical cost of about $8,500.  The laser encoders also have a lifetime, typically of 3-7 years.  They cost about $13,500 each.

Most of the scanner parts are commodities – you can purchase them yourself.  The most obvious example is the PCs – they cost us about $2,200 each for the typical machine and then we load them up with software.  Some of our mills purchase their own, although they usually have someone dedicated to keeping all computers in the mill working so this can make sense in some cases.    Worst case might see you have to replace one a year.

The failure rate on our sensors is very low – it is rare that we can’t fix them ourselves since we make most of them.  This means that you would typically pay for repair, not a whole new device.  If they fail, it will usually be during the first few months when they are under warranty.  In fact, of our 40+ systems in operation, we have only had one camera fail that was out of warranty.  It cost the mill $7,500 to replace it.  This is a good place to reiterate that we make our own sensors while ALL our competitors are dependent on other companies to make their sensors.  That is why we have the highest resolution, the highest speed, and the smallest scanner size.  When a better camera chip comes out and we can upgrade our sensors, and you can be sure that they simply plug in to your existing scanner since we are in control of the mechanical and electrical interface.  Your scanner will still have the most current technology available 20 years from now where other scanner suppliers will be forced to build new scanners to accommodate new sensors.

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