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Can GradeScan make my special products?

Absolutely!  Lucidyne’s software manager says, “If you can write what you want to do in an English sentence, we can write a rule that you can use to make your special grade.”  Here are some examples that some companies have asked us to do:

  •  Make a grade that does not allow knots in the center of the wide faces.
  •  Allow a mill to change prices from the main office so they can keep all machine centers working off the same numbers.
  •  Cut a random length part out of a board that is too short for a dimension product but valuable enough that they could sell it for fingerjoint stock.
  • Grade Shop lumber
  •  Scan lumber right out of a planer with a splitter saw – two and three boards at one time! (this is currently under development)

That’s not all – the American Lumber Standards Committee recently certified GradeScan as a stand-alone lumber strength grading machine!

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