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If I replace my manual graders – what else can Lucidyne’s GradeScan do?

We have a management tool called the Planer Merchandiser that helps you run your business from a top-down perspective.  It helps you make a more productive connection between the mill and your customer.  Although it requires Lucidyne to take over control of your trimmer/sorter control system (ours features ControlLogix), and it gives you some very powerful capabilities:

  •  Make a specific number of packages of a grade to fill an order, but make sure that no extra boards are produced
  •  Significantly reduce the number of partial packages at the end of a run so you don’t have to sacrifice normal production with rerun material.
  •  Control cut-in-two flow so you don’t get slammed with a huge amount all at once if you want to push some shorter lengths.
  •  Predict package completion by watching historical grade-out percentages and knowing about incoming lumber packages from the kiln

 The key here is that instead of doing some special code to let the sorter control system make changes, Lucidyne's Planer Merchandiser makes the decisions in the optimizer.  For example, if cut-in-two is to be controlled to say, 30% of all potential candidates, the 70% of boards that were instead not allowed to have a cut-in-two solution are optimized so that they still are guaranteed to satisfy all the grade and appearance rules the mill requires.  And conversely, you don't get a 16 foot board with an allowable shake in the middle that is cut in two resulting in two boards with end splits that violate the grade rule.

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