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Can we produce a new product if needed?

In order for the customer to describe all of the grades for the optimizer to consider, a software program called Rule Scribe is included with the GradeScan system. Each grade can be described in very specific detail, i.e.: the quantity of certain sized knots on a board and where they can/cannot be located. Once all of the grades are defined, the Optimizer will use them in its analysis of each board that passes through the system. 

When your sales department calls and describes a new niche product they will ask "When can you have it ready?" If you had to retrain your graders it would take you weeks but if you have GradeScan you answer will be "How about after lunch today?" The image below shows an example screen from Rule Scribe that adds a new knot displacement rule. You can select the knot size from a grading agency table, make your own table, or enter a particular value. You can even confine your new rule to a specific location on the board. The box below shows that the new rule will only be applied in the first or last two feet of the board. 

Control over any defect placement is complete. You could define a new grade to keep knots out of the center of lumber destined to be split stock for a flange stock customer.

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