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How do I know the scanner is working correctly? Quality-control problems

Random Board Checks

Your QC person can identify boards at random and direct the scanner to save all the data for those specific boards. By marking boards with a special QC symbol that the GMR can read, your QC person can request that GradeScan save the scanned data for that board, and that the board be trimmed or untrimmed and sent to a sorter bin/tray or pull chain. 

Better Warp Culling

The Warp Bridge or Warp Tunnel will improve the appearance of your packages. Hyne & Son reports that their packages now are straighter and better looking.

Save boards in a package

GradeScan’s Package Builder tool will define a test package created during normal production. A package can be built based on grade(s) and trimmed length, and then sent to a bin/tray or pull chain, trimmed or untrimmed. You can save a specific board, a random set of boards or the next 50 No. 3's. You can just save the computer files or you can also save the boards themselves; either trimmed or untrimmed.

Accountability is assured when you install a printer just ahead of the sorter that can print a unique number on each board. GradeScan saves the scan data for the last 50,000 boards. You could be going through a package hours after it was produced and still be able to find out why GradeScan made its decision on any specific board!
GradeScan Quality Control Problems
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