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The system seems so complex – what happens after the start-up?

One week after lumber was first fed to the system, the Hyne & Son mill in Australia started production.  After week two, there were no Lucidyne people in Australia and we have only been back for scheduled maintenance.  Hyne completed their own on-site acceptance testing because they could easily operate the system – on two shifts.  This was possible because they spent the effort to get their people trained ahead of time.  Hyne sent key people to Corvallis for a week and then created their own training program to pass on the training to the rest of their staff.  Even with a 17 hour time difference, our engineers are still accessible enough and Hyne’s people have the confidence to operate their system successfully. 

Tolko's mill at William's Lake, BC, Canada started up with one day of downtime - they were able to install most of their hardware during downtimes on weekends.  So it varies at each mill, although if there are no other machine center changes besides installing GradeScan, it is possible to start-up with next to no downtime.  

The GradeScan system is very easy to operate on a daily basis.  Changing runs is merely a selection from a computer screen.  Similarly, products can be turned on and off and prices can be changed in the same manner.  If you want to go deeper, there are additional tools (software programs) included to help you make your own grades/products, or you can simply modify the ones you have.  Status screens show you your production status and put alarms and other critical information right on top where you need it, plus you can mix and match production data from any previous runs to get a very diverse assortment of reports.  

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