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What can we expect for service from Lucidyne?

There is no better maintenance program available that we know of, than what Lucidyne provides for its GradeScan customers.  Consider this – you have a GradeScan alarm that goes off telling you that something minor is wrong, but you don’t think it is affecting your production so you acknowledge (reset) it and continue to run.  When one of our technicians checks your alarm log, he will know whether this is a nuisance alarm or not, and will advise you on a course of action.  And when you do have a serious problem, he will either solve it for you or get you directly connected to an engineer – you don’t have to go through multiple layers to get to someone who can help.  Software upgrades, 24-hour support, and 6 month checkups on site are also included in our program.  It is nice to have someone experienced around to double-check your scanner’s condition and make sure you know how to keep it in tip-top shape!

Lucidyne’s GradeScan system is designed to be around a long time.  That means it has to be flexible enough to satisfy your future needs for developing new products, yet still be maintainable by your staff.  We have proven this time and time again, and have purposefully guided our offerings to ensure that our system will perform as advertized.  If you have not yet reached the point where you believe this, then it is imperative that you yourself visit one of our installations.

Most of our mills experience a 3.5% average for above- and below-grade  in their production of dimension grades.  Mills that do more than commodity products have found that their payback for a GradeScan system can be as short as six months -- especially when they produce MSR or appearance-graded lumber.  The ability for your staff to produce proprietary products with this system is a valuable benefit that can eliminate your existing hurdles and significantly leverage your opportunities to increase profits.

When you choose Lucidyne, you will be getting not just a scanner, but a very experienced and talented group of professionals that will be there to support your system as we all navigate into the future of machine grading lumber.  We are dedicated to the pursuit of wood fiber knowledge.

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