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What is the best location for the scanner?

The least expensive location for the scanner is immediately behind the planer.  This has been very successful for us in a number of installations since the boards are well under control of the planer while being scanned.  Currently, our fastest scanning system is installed immediately behind the planer (4000 ft/min) and the only issue they run into is they have to pull out the scanner at every break to brush the debris away from the bottom viewing window – a two minute task.  One of our customers has a competitor’s lineal scanner and says that since their machine is much larger and has enclosed rolls, they spend over 30 minutes a day “digging” it out.

The other option is to move away from the planer.  Then it is easier to reach the machine (since it is not in the planer room).  This sometimes makes it possible to bring rerun back through the scanner and bypass the planer.  It does require the added expense of a top/bottom driven rollcase to control and fence the incoming boards. 

In either case, GradeScan easily accommodates the addition of an in-line moisture sensor and/or CLT machine for strength grading lumber.  One of the most powerful testimonials is from a recent installation where the customer found that by integrating the MOE values along a board to its visual characteristics, GradeScan has given them an increase of as high as 25% in their MSR quality.  This is in addition to a 50% decrease in lower grades, and a 20% increase in throughput speeds due to taking manual graders out of the picture.  

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