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Grade Mark Reader

Lucidyne’s Grade Mark Reader can still add value in a planer mill process, even when GradeScan is automatically grading all the lumber.  Typical uses for it include manually contributing to GradeScan’s decision, grading re-entry lumber, and quality control.

 A Grade Mark Reader (GMR) is capable of reading fluorescent crayon or chalk marks that are written on lumber.  In cases where freshly-planed lumber has a characteristic for which GradeScan has not been trained, a Check Grader can mark a board with symbols to override the scanner’s solution.  There are a couple ways this is typically done.  The first method is to simply apply the complete grade and trim instructions, and the GMR will pass these on to the trimmer/sorter control system.


A second method is simpler: the Check Grader applies either a grade mark or a minimum trim mark.  GradeScan will re-optimize in the former case to find the best trim solution at or below the specified grade, and in the latter case will force the specified trim and do the best it can with the remaining fiber.  It is also possible to manually upgrade a board using the GMR.

If lumber bypasses GradeScan during the re-entry of lumber, the GMR can be used for reading manual grade marks, even when the scanner is processing lumber!  The Check Grader can simply write the appropriate trim and grade symbols on a board and when the GMR sees the marks, it will pass the trim and sorting instructions to the trimmer/sorter control system.  A specific color can be used to identify a re-entry board versus a scanned board that might have an override mark(s) on it.  If lumber is batched for re-entry, there is no need to use multiple colors.

A program called “Package Builder” makes it possible to specify the quantity and type of boards to sort to a special package, and have the boards trimmed or left untrimmed.  This is typically done for developing new products or fine-tuning an existing product.  The QC feature makes it possible to add any board to that package on the fly simply by writing a special QC mark on a board so the GMR can recognize it and instruct the control system accordingly.

 Lucidyne’s M5 GMR is designed with a 50-year bulb life and Ethernet connection for simple installation and almost no maintenance.

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