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GradeScan layout

Lucidyne’s GradeScan system is designed to be inserted into an existing mill with the least possible impact. Boards can be fenced to either side as they pass through the scanner. The scanner can be pre-configured to pull out to either side. The direction of the grading chain is not an issue. 

The scanner can be pulled out away from the line for maintenance. The ideal situation will place the control room on the same side that the scanner pulls out. It makes it helpful to move easily between the computer room and the scanner while GradeScan is in its maintenance position. A temperature controlled computer room is required to house the system computers and control system.

The illustration below shows a typical installation where the scanner is installed immediately behind the planer - many times it will be inside the planer room.  Having a board inside the planer while the board is being scanned is not a problem since GradeScan collects its data extremely fast.  In practice, this is an advantage since the board is well controlled by the planer during most of the scanning process.  And the scanner infeed and outfeed rolls only "kiss" the board so as not to cause any finishing problems.

Physical Layout -1

The above illustration also shows a Warp Tunnel after the scanner to measure bow, crook, and twist.  For mills with enough space, this is the preferred method to measure warp.  The picture below shows a system where warp is measured using a Warp Bridge.  This method is also very effective.  In both cases the board is relaxed so its actual shape can be measured.  If it were being constrained by rolls or fence, this would not be the case.

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