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GradeScan Color Sensor

Lucidyne's engineers will many times invent and design sensors for our scanners. This is especially important when higher speeds or resolution are necessary to solve a specific problem. It also provides us a great deal of control over our scanner's physical shape and construction.

Inside GradeScan, color cameras provide a high-resolution color image of all four sides of boards traveling through the scanner. Each board is illuminated by a lighting technique that puts a tremendous amount of light energy on the board. This makes it possible to collect very accurate color and contrast information about the surfaces of each board.

Color sensors help with the classification and measurement of several kinds of defects:

 - Knots, Stains, Heart-Sap, Bark, Sticker Marks

Color Sensor

This image shows a low resolution color image of a board.  The picture is compressed in the length direction so the knots look oval instead of round.  Note the grade marks near the bottom and the very clear detail of the grain.  At full resolution the image is detailed enough that you can see season check!

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