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GradeScan Geometric Sensor

We make our own sensors. The lumber grading task requires sensors that are fast, produce very high resolution data, and fit into a tight space. Less than optimal in any characteristic produces a result that costs you money. So Lucidyne’s engineers and scientists designed their own. Each features the most recent technology in surface-mount components and low power elements to ensure low energy consumption and high vibration resistance.

The fourth sensor is a set of cameras designed to capture very high-resolution “geometric slices” of a board’s profile. The cameras are aimed at a high intensity laser line that is projected onto the board’s surface. Data slices are taken every 0.075 inches along the length of a board and help to identify wane, cracks, and missing fiber. 

The profile information is taken on all four sides of the board, allowing for accurate thickness measurement. Thickness differences are defined differentially as well as with respect to the individual top and bottom face. For example, thin areas on a board are identified as differential thickness variations, and/or if a thin area is found more on one face than the other, it is identified separately as a defect for that face.  Each surface is analyzed at an accuracy of +/- .005 inches!  This sensor also provides data that is used to identify cupping and narrow boards.



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