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GradeScan Throughboard Sensor

Being able to measure the density of lumber is quite helpful when trying to grade a board.  Lucidyne does this for dry lumber (wet lumber looks very dense) by taking advantage of the dielectric properties of wood.  It is possible to send an electrical signal through wood fiber and image the amplitude of the energy that passes through it.  

Lucidyne's "Throughboard" sensor provides an image that closely approximates the relative density of a board.  In layman's terms, GradeScan can capture an image of a board that shows higher density areas like knots in contrast with less dense fiber, holes, and decay.  It helps with:

-  Cross-sectional grading, Stains, Decay, Pith, Spike Knots, Bark Pockets, and others

The picture below shows three images:

1. A raw Throughboard image (left)

2. A colorized image of density where red is dense, blue is less dense

3. A color picture of the board


Note that this "board" was actually three pieces that were fingerjointed together.  The clues provided by the sensor on this board will draw attention to the top knot due to its lower density in the middle (is it decayed or checked?) and the spike knot, among other things.

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