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The task of grading lumber using a machine is far more advanced than most automated processes. It requires programming a machine to simulate the capabilities of a human brain. These stories illustrate just how far Lucidyne has come in its evolution to take on this formidable task.

Lampe & Malphrus Upgrade Scanning Technology

North Carolina, August 2013
L&M GradeScan

The Lampe & Malphrus Lumber Company has always been an “early adopter” of new technology, but they held off when it came to automated grading and did not install a scanning system when first available.  They now believe that the technology and capability of grading machines has come of age and purchased a Lucidyne GradeScan system for their mill in Smithfield, North Carolina.  Their scanner is scheduled for installation in late January 2014 and is expected to improve their grade-out making it easier for them to follow changes in the market.  

Their design calls for their GradeScan to be installed in one building right after their planer, then the scanned boards will cross over to a second building where the trimmer and sorter reside.  The mill will take advantage of Lucidyne’s True-Q® lumber tracking technology...

IFG LaClede GradeScan

Idaho Forest Group has taken some bold steps.  They started with a planer mill in Lewiston, Idaho, that featured two planer lines, each feeding its own trimmer/sorter line.  They eliminated one planer in favor of feeding both sorters from one planer.  They also stepped up from partially-automated grading using a geometric-only system to full grading using Lucidyne’s GradeScan.  And that means they have to rely on GradeScan to also grade Cedar – another first for IFG and the lumber industry. 

These IFG mills require GradeScan to process a large cross-section of appearance grades plus Dimension grades.  The challenge of tracking cut-in-two boards sent to separate sorters...

Anthony Timberlands Scanner

GradeScan was installed in Anthony Timberland’s, Bearden, Arkansas, mill in January of 2013.  This project moved the mill from partial auto-grading with a linear geometric-only grading system to fully automated grading.  The company ordered a second scanner for its Malvern, Arkansas, site in May.  Their production results while operating the scanner during such a brief time period were so positive that they elected to move quickly toward getting a second system installed. 

According to Dan Gibbs, Vice President of Technical Services, “The opportunity cost was too high to NOT buy another scanner.”  Their second GradeScan is scheduled for a January 2014 start-up.  Anthony Timberlands produces a wide variety of Southern Yellow...

Westervelt GradeScan

The successful installation of Lucidyne’s GradeScan system resulted in significant value uplift in Westervelt’s Moundville, Alabama, facility.  This improvement, combined with consistent operation and the flexibility to change from one product to the next prompted Westervelt to purchase a second GradeScan system after only seven months in operation. 

Westervelt's second scanner utilizes Lucidyne’s new Warp Tunnel, which measures bow, crook, and twist on the planer outfeed belt.  Their first system uses Lucidyne’s Warp Bridge, however, this second GradeScan installation is limited for space in the lug chain area so is more suited for the Tunnel version for warp...


A new high-resolution scanning system is helping Tolko’s Lakeview plant in Williams Lake, BC process damaged timber. Specifically configured to target the extensive shake and decay issues caused by the Pine Beetle, Lucidyne’s automated grading systemGradeScan® took over the planer grading process. The new system grades for Dimension SPF products, separates species and interfaces to an existing Metriguard HCLT for e-trimming MSR lumber. GradeScan® was installed in line with Tolko’s planer outfeed and cost the mill one day of downtime before they were in full production mode. Boards are tracked from the planer to the lug chain by Lucidyne’s patented True-Q® lumber queuing system using no inks, sprays, or other marking equipment. Tolko’s QC capabilities will be enhanced with its...

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