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Four months was plenty for Anthony Timberlands!

Arkansas, August 2013
Anthony Timberlands Scanner

GradeScan® was installed in Anthony Timberland’s, Bearden, Arkansas, mill in January of 2013.  This project moved the mill from partial auto-grading with a linear geometric-only grading system to fully automated grading.  The company ordered a second scanner for its Malvern, Arkansas, site in May.  Their production results while operating the scanner during such a brief time period were so positive that they elected to move quickly toward getting a second system installed. 

According to Dan Gibbs, Vice President of Technical Services, “The opportunity cost was too high to NOT buy another scanner.”  Their second GradeScan is scheduled for a January 2014 start-up.  Anthony Timberlands produces a wide variety of Southern Yellow Pine lumber products, including 2” and 4” Dimension, Commons, Decking, and 6” Timbers.

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