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Westervelt Purchases Second GradeScan® System!

Alabama, January 2010
Westervelt GradeScan

The successful installation of Lucidyne’s GradeScan® system resulted in significant value uplift in Westervelt’s Moundville, Alabama, facility.  This improvement, combined with consistent operation and the flexibility to change from one product to the next prompted Westervelt to purchase a second GradeScan system after only seven months in operation. 

Westervelt's second scanner utilizes Lucidyne’s new Warp Tunnel, which measures bow, crook, and twist on the planer outfeed belt.  Their first system uses Lucidyne’s Warp Bridge, however, this second GradeScan installation is limited for space in the lug chain area so is more suited for the Tunnel version for warp measurement.  This second line also adds 6x6 Timbers to GradeScan’s already successful repertoire of Dimension, Commons, Decking, and other appearance grades in this mill.

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