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GMR Graphical Grader Display (GGD)

GMR Graphical Grader Display (GGD)

The GGD displays grader performance data graphically on a color monitor:

  • Percentage of grades per grader
  • Percentage of high value grades
  • Average Price per MBF
  • Percentage of Rejection
  • Input Pieces
  • Other custom information
  • Average price per piece (optional)
  • Trim back (optional)

Set and modify the display to meet your needs:

  • Message Display runs a customized ticker tape message.
  • Specify how long each message is displayed.
  • Sets limits for each graph so the GGD will display an alarm when a grader goes beyond the threshold.
  • Change the screen and colors to customize graph aesthetics.
  • Graph Appearance and Selection allows graphs to be stopped for continuous display or cycled through, and chooses a 2- or 3-dimensional appearance.

GGD is a fast and simple addition to your ColorScan Grade Mark Reader (GMR) System. It requires only:

  • A Lucidyne GMR 200 system
  • Hardware to connect monitor and PC
  • Color TV Monitor and mounting hardware

To find out more about this product, contact our Grade Mark Reader Service Department at (541) 753-5111.