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GMR Trimmer Solution Override

Lucidyne's Trimmer Solution Override option provides a fast and cost-effective way to make your lumber production output reflect day-to-day price fluctuations in the lumber market. It allows you to temporarily modify your trim results without retraining your graders! This feature can be added to your Lucidyne Grade Mark Reader or your Lucidyne Trimmer/Sorter Control System.

The philosophy of Lucidyne's solution is to offer a simple, yet flexible, method for effecting a change. Lucidyne's system allows the mill choose a board by its length, grade, and the graders trim decision; then override that decision as needed to reflect current market values. For instance: if two eight foot boards are more valuable today than a sixteen foot board, why not make the change at the computer immediately and benefit today!

How its done: A screen is added to your systems personal computer that allows you to identify the specific kinds of boards to which you want to make a trim solution change. Then you select the change you want to make to the trim solution, and the results are sent to the control processor. You are done. You have just modified your mill's end product to match a market movement in a couple minutes, without retraining several graders!

An example of the Trimmer Solution Override screen is shown below. Although you will find that all of the following examples include cut-in-two, trimmer override is certainly not limited to that capability. Whenever it becomes necessary to temporarily change certain trim instructions, rather than instructing your graders on the change(s), the trimmer override feature will perform this function more quickly and without mistakes!

The sample screen above shows five different boards that will be detected and their trim solutions subsequently modified. These are explained as follows:GMR Trimmer

Row 1 All 20-foot boards graded as Prime will be cut-in-two by the 12-foot saw.

Row 2 Seven of every ten 20-foot boards graded Prime and having a 2-foot far-end trim will be cut-in-two by the 10-foot saw.

Row 3 Five out of every ten 20-foot Prime boards having a 2-foot near-end trim will be cut-in-two by the 12-foot saw.

Row 4 All 18-foot Prime boards will be cut-in-two by the 10-foot saw.

Row 5 Six of every ten 16-foot Prime boards will be cut-in-two by the 8-foot saw.

This Trimmer Solution Override capability also allows boards to be downgraded and trimmed in other ways. The simplicity of this configuration makes it easy to view what overrides are in effect. In addition, the system allows the mill to limit the number of boards overridden to a certain percentage.

A Grader's task is tough enough without being asked to make frequent changes to the way they grade and trim lumber. Let Lucidynes Trimmer Solution Override option help you be responsive to the volatile price fluctuations in your market!

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