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Does the GMR control grade stampers or ink-jet grade printers?

No.  Our older (discontinued) systems could, but Lucidyne's current philosopy is for the mill's control system to take on these functions.  Similarly, our older systems could interface to a variety of other devices to measure thickness or width.  This required us to spend a lot of our support efforts troubleshooting other equipment instead of our own, as well as left many mills with unique software and hardware.  

In order to make a system that is more supportable by Lucidyne, we have elected to instead configure the M5 to interface to a control system (typically a PLC) that provides these functions. It can still receive inputs to identify a width or thickness and potentially other information, but this is expected to come from a PLC instead of field devices.

The GMR can be pre-configured to handle inputs of 10-32 VDC or 90-140 VAC.  Outputs can be 5-60 VDC (3 amps max) or 12-140 VAC.

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