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What is the recommended operating environment?

In a traditional planer mill application, the GMR reader head mounts on the trimmer's in-feed line, directly over the board feeder/lug loader or somewhere on a lugged chain.  The system controlling the operation of the lug chain is expected to provide a signal to trigger the GMR to take a picture.  If only used for tally purposes, the GMR head can be located on a non-lugged chain, but boards must be separated enough to utilize a photoeye for some other device to trigger the unit when a board is under it.

The control enclosure mounts remotely from the head, typically less than 300 feet away.  This distance can be increased if desired.  

GMR will operate from -5 C (23 F) and +50 C (122 F) and between 20% and 90% humidity. Temperature control of the GMR reader head and control electronics is not required. Vibration under 10 cycles per second has no effect on system performance. Vibration above 10 hertz and of sizable magnitude may cause mechanical fatigue in the components over time.

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