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A Lucidyne automated scanner/optimizer is an integrated system of multiple sensors that scans lumber lineally, identifying and mapping knots, pitch pockets, wane, cracks, grain, stain, rot and other fiber features. Once these elements are located and classified, grading rules are applied and either additional processing is scheduled or the board is assigned a final grade category. Scanner/optimizers are appropriate additions to automated crosscut operations, movable- or fixed-arbor ripsaws, sawmill work centers such as edgers and trimmers, and planer mill trim and grade line operations. Lucidyne scanners see the lumber as it passes lengthwise through the scan zone. The cross section (width and thickness dimensions) varies with the application. RipScan® scans lumber up to 25 inches wide for ripping and edging while ChopScan® handles narrow lumber processed for crosscutting. GradeScan® is targeted for the grading market, completely taking over the lumber grading task so that no human grading is required.

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